Watch Artists in a 24 Hour Death-Defying Creative Orgy!

Image obscured to protect my family from public humiliation.
Artist before the challenge.
Artist after the challenge.
Artist after the challenge.

What is 24 Hour Comics Day?

On April 24th (that’s 4-24-2004), cartoonists all over will face the 24 hour comics challenge. To help cartoonists face this challenge, some comic book stores, educational institutions, and comics clubs are hosting special 24 Hour Comics Day events. They’ll be providing cartoonists with a space to work, access to food and drink, and camaraderie. While some stores may set the cartoonists up in off-site locations, other stores will have the cartoonists work inside the store itself, so comics fans can gather and watch.

What is the 24 hour comics challenge?

Comics leading theoretician Scott McCloud came up with the 24 hour comics challenge about a decade back. Simply put, cartoonists try to write and draw an entire 24 page comics story in 24 consecutive hours.
Since then, hundreds have tried, ranging from a 9 year old girl to some of the biggest names in comics. The results from previous challenges can be found at

But what about John Smallwood-Garcia?

John will be allowing challenges to his title as the slowest artist in the business when he participates next weekend in the 24 Hour Comic Day.
He will post his work on-line as soon as he can after a nap or two at

But where can I see this in The Bay Area?

Comic Relief, 2138 University Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704, (510) 843-5002
Event held in the store
Starts at noon
Store open 24 hours during event!

Can I Buy some samples of the Artists' work?

You betcha!

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