Mythic Figure Show 2000  
AdrienneAdrienne AriAri AudreyAudrey
CassandraCassandra EloiseEloise JohnJohn
KathieKathie KellyKelly LoisLois
MMMM SharonSharon SuzySuzy
Twelve unique individuals came together for 12 months in a class called The Way Of The Doll..   Some were artists, some were lawyers, some were therapists, some were accountants.  The one thing they had in common was the desire for change.  Cassandra, our guide, describes the class as Alchemy.  Through time, reflection, perspiration and inspiration, all of us found the gold inside of ourselves and brought it to the surface for the world to see.
What follows are the the dream images made real by the Year 2000 Tuesday night class.  These pictures are only pale memories of the wonderful experience we shared.
After the class reunites, more information about the dolls may be added by the creators.

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All dolls and their likenesses are © their respective owners and used by their permission.